To be honest, the two question “ which is the best loudest portable Bluetooth speaker ? ” or “What is the loudest waterproof Bluetooth speaker?” are the most frequently we were asked. To put it simply, there are many parameters could influence the loud. To help customers determine what they should focus on when choosing Loudest Bluetooth speaker, we had to come up with some criteria to figure out what matters and what doesn’t. First of all, we should look at the power, the second is the sensitivity. And then, the two are mutually reinforcing relationship, if the two parameters are relatively high, the sound pressure level of this speaker must be relatively high. In a word, rated power and sensitivity are the two most important parameters of loud wireless Bluetooth speakers.

choose a loudest Bluetooth speaker

How do you choose a loudest waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

Yet, all things considered, the next thing we will learn is how we know if a best loud portable Bluetooth speakers is loud enough. In the first paragraph, we know that the power and sensitivity have direct big influence on loud. For example: a 200 watts rated power, the sensitivity of 100dB speaker at rated power sound pressure level of 123dB / 1 (units: dB) meters; A rated power of 400 watts, the sensitivity of 97dB speakers at rated power sound pressure level is also 123dB / 1 (unit: dB) meters. Here comes a question: how can you choose a suitable rated power as they have the same sound pressure level? Here is a simple way. You can roughly calculate the power you need for your sound field. Multiply the room area by 1 watt (W) and then the room height. For example, your room is 200 square meters, 3 meters high, then you need 200 * 3 *1= 600W standard power. Then you can choose the nominal rated output power of 600W wireless Bluetooth speakers. It means that you need to measure out the room’s area and high.

choose a loudest Bluetooth speaker according to room volume

If you want a mini Bluetooth speaker just for bedroom, then you need to know your bedroom’s area and high. Or if you want a Powerful Bluetooth speaker that plays loud enough to fill a hotel room or a spot at the beach with the sound. Then you’d better to consult its seller. What’s more, If the same brand of different models of speakers and no standard sensitivity, then choose the higher power.

Where will loudest portable Bluetooth speaker go?

It’s unreasonable to expect a Good loud Bluetooth speakers stay at home all the day. Maybe it’s unable to toss a speaker that has two trumpets into pocket or suitcase. Note, however, to our ears, the sound transmission distance in open areas is different from densely populated areas. But it will still pleasantly surprise you by its excellent loud volume if you are willing to take it to a picnic nearby house. Because the loudest Bluetooth speaker plays loud enough to cover a suburban backyard or to drown out voices at a dinner party. What else should pay attention is waterproof. A premium waterproof speaker will extend the speaker’s lifetime. Then there’s the whole waterproof aspect of the loudest waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Because it’s IPX7 rated, it can tolerate being submerged to a depth of 1 meter, so it’s safe for, say, camp outs in a rain forest.